A stroll down the streets of Mexico’s southern colonial city of Oaxaca confirms the truth that Mexicans have no fear of color- cotton candy pink facades meet mint-green trim, whole wall of cobalt blue envelop windows framed into rich maroon and the tones of raspberry and mango find expression on residential homes. Charles Barth also has no fear of color. Teals and tangerines sidle up to each other in the curvaceous shapes he lays down in his intaglio etchings.


A process of printmaking in which an artists transfers ink to paper by creating engravings or etchings in a plate then filling with ink.  The paper is then placed over the plate and a roller is used to complete the transfer.  Intaglio printmaking gained popularity in the mid 19th century and is still used today.


Similar to watercolor, gouache is a water-medium paint that is made of natural pigments, a binding agent and water.  Gouache paints allow for a wide range of painting styles, often allowing for a flat and vibrant color spectrum. 

Mexican Fiestas and traditions